Documentary - Alex Cameron

Raising the Titanic

Nearly 25 years after the Titanic shipwreck is discovered, the steward and sole salvager of the Titanic, RMS Titanic Incorporated, is holding a private auction, in which they will sell over 5,000 artifacts from the wreck site in a winner takes all auction. The collection has been appraised at over 189 million dollars and is regarded as one of the biggest auctions in history. The line between archaeology and pillaging is blurred by these events, and brings into question humanity’s unfailing interest in the past.


- World Premier at Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner

- 2012 - Best Documentary at National Film Festival for Talented Youth

- 2012 - Best Documentary at "15 Minutes of Fame" Film Festival

- 2013 - Official Selection at Dawn Breakers International Film Festival

- 2012 - Official Selection at Apalachicola River Film Festival

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