About Me - Alex Cameron

Alex Cameron

is a professional cinematographer and photographer based out of Los Angeles, CA. At a young age, he would impersonate his childhood hero, Steve Erwin, and go prowling in his neighborhood bushes looking for snakes and bugs to catch. Today he continues that passion, summitting +10,000' peaks, trekking hot desert terrain and diving deep into the ocean, always looking for his next inspiration. He has an insatiable curiosity for all living things, a fascination for the intricacies and serenity of nature, and he aims to capture that in all of his work.


- 3+ years as a camera assistant for clients such as Discovery Channel, Redbull, Ovation TV, Disney and Honda

- Directed/Produced/Edited the award winning documentary "Raising the Titanic", which premiered at Cannes Film Festival in 2012

- Graduate of the Florida State Film School and student of Amy Vincent, ASC. 

- Wilderness Safety and Survival Knowledge

Shooting the weather atop Cucamonga Peak, CA

Shooting the weather atop Cucamonga Peak, CA